Chamber adds health care reform info portal to its website

On May 21, the Kentucky Chamber launched a new section of its website devoted to educating Kentucky businesses about the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

The site, titled Roadmap through Reform: Directing your company through the Affordable Care Act, offers a variety of resources for both large and small employers. It features an overview of what businesses need to know, frequently asked questionsKentucky specifics, and information about the “play or pay” provision and the employer mandate. The section can be found at

Roadmap through Reform also offers a venue for business leaders to post questions about PPACA and interact with one another in an online discussion forum. They can also utilize the “Reform Advisor” feature to call or email a Kentucky Chamber staff person specializing in health care reform.

The website is part of an ongoing effort by the Kentucky Chamber to prepare businesses for the changes brought about by the PPACA. The Chamber will continue to offer seminars, webinars and other events on this important topic. The next scheduled event is an expert panel discussion on PPACA during the Business Summit and Annual Meeting on July 23 in Louisville. Visit for details about this event. 

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