Schools rush to adopt new high school dropout age

Within 48 hours of the official implementation of the “Graduate Kentucky” bill to promote high school graduation, 54 Kentucky school districts voted to increase their compulsory school attendance age. Senate Bill 97 (later named the “Graduate Kentucky” bill) allows school districts to raise their high school dropout age from 16 to 18. After 55% of school districts (96 districts total) in the state adopt the new standard, all remaining districts must adopt the attendance policy within four years.

The Chamber is encouraged to see school districts take such an enthusiastic approach to adopting the new standard. The business community has been a long-time supporter of raising the high school dropout age for many reasons. Not only are high school graduates less likely to commit crimes, rely on government healthcare or use other public services, but they help build a more competitive and productive workforce. To read more on the initiative, click here.


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