Prescription drug bill makes significant impact on Commonwealth

Nearly a year after its implementation, Kentucky’s prescription drug bill – legislation passed during the 2012 Kentucky General Assembly – is said to be having a positive impact on the Commonwealth. House Bill 1 (HB 1) utilizes multiple elements to reduce the number of over-prescribed pain medications and enhance the law enforcement community’s tools to investigate illegal prescribing practices. Statistics show not only are we seeing a reduction in illegally operated “pain management clinics,” but for the first time in a decade, the number of deaths blamed on prescription overdoses has declined in Kentucky.

The Chamber has been a long-time supporter of laws designed to combat Kentucky’s prescription drug abuse problem. Prescription drug abuse is not only a burden on our families, but on our workforce. Employees who misuse these drugs create higher workers’ compensation costs and pose a workforce safety threat to others. Additionally, the process of over-prescribing by doctors creates increased health care costs for all. The Chamber applauds lawmakers for the success of HB 1, which has managed to increase the health and safety of our citizens, without negatively impacting access to legitimate health services.

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