Teacher evaluation bill passes House

A bill passed in the House of Representatives seeks to improve the evaluation system used for education professionals in K-12 schools. HB 40 (Rollins) requires the Department of Education to work with professional education-related organizations to establish a statewide evaluation system for all certified personnel. The new evaluation will take into account items such as student progress, administrator and peer observations and student and parent surveys.

Work is already in progress on creating the new evaluation system mandated in the bill. The Kentucky Department of Education has convened the relevant education groups during the last year in an effort to form consensus on an improved evaluation process. A new evaluation system is also required for the state to comply with federal education regulations.

The Kentucky Chamber supports this legislation as the requirements make much-needed improvements to the current inconsistent and ineffective evaluations. The improvements should promote continuous growth and development of those professionals tasked with improving the future of our citizens.

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