Kentucky Chamber offers certificates of origin

International exporters can rely on accredited state Chamber to serve trade needs

Kentucky’s future prosperity rests on its preparation to compete in the global marketplace. This means recognizing that our true economic competitors are no longer limited to Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee and other states, but now also include countries like China, Korea and India. The Kentucky Chamber has set the goal of doubling exports from the state over the next five years, and we are working on the policies and partnerships necessary to create the best environment for companies across the Commonwealth to realize that goal.

We are pleased to offer our members who export internationally a reliable source for obtaining certificates of origin. A certificate of origin is a trade document required by customs authorities in destination countries where goods are shipped with the purpose of verifying the country in which the goods were manufactured.

False declarations or those that are fraudulently certified can not only result in severe penalties, but also may harm trade relations between the United States and other countries. With very few exceptions, chambers of commerce are the only institutions granted the authority to issue certificates of origin. The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce is an accredited state chamber under the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and works in cooperation with the World Trade Center of Kentucky.

Certificates of origin are discounted to $25 per shipment for Kentucky Chamber members. Future members pay $55 per shipment. Contact Denise Scott at 502-848-8724 or Brenda Travis at 502-848-8743.

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