Urgent Action Alert: Stop workers’ compensation cost increases

The Kentucky Senate Leadership is pushing a proposal that would add costs to all businesses by driving up workers’ compensation premiums in order to appeal to the narrow special interests of lawyers who profit from our workers’ compensation system. This does nothing to make the system more fair for employers or the injured workers. It is just a way to reward lawyers who take a cut from the claims.

  • SB 137 will DOUBLE attorney fees to $24,000.
  • SB 137 will encourage trial attorneys to reopen litigation against employers by doubling the lawyer fees to reopen a case.
  • SB 137 will drive up workers’ compensation insurance premium costs for all Kentucky employers.
  • SB 137 is an unfunded mandate on Kentucky’s local governments and school districts.

The Chamber reacted quickly to the Senate action with a strong letter of objection and has been rallying other business groups to join us in our opposition. If you can spare just two minutes this week to save your company money, leave a brief message for your Senator at 1-800-372-7181 and tell them to OPPOSE SENATE BILL 137.

You may also take action by visiting our Workers’ Comp Action Alert and tell the State Senate to Reject Senate Bill 137 and OPPOSE higher workers’ compensation cost mandates.

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