Let the people decide

As you probably know, our organization recently joined a large coalition of Kentucky business, labor, education, economic development, tourism and equine interests in support of putting expanded gaming at racetracks on the ballot this November for the people of Kentucky to decide. Our coalition is called the Kentucky Alliance for Jobs and is the largest coalition to unite behind a major piece of legislation in more than a decade.

87% of Kentuckians support letting the people decide whether we should have a constitutional amendment to allow for expanded gaming in Kentucky. The question of whether we are going to continue sending hundreds of millions of Kentucky dollars to out of state gaming facilities is one that should be answered by the people, not the politicians. We the people should evaluate whether we want to keep those dollars in Kentucky to invest in education, transportation, health care, economic development, and protect the horse industry and protect our heritage and history as the horse racing capital of the world.

There are people of good conscience on both sides of this issue – and we respect both groups and both positions. Our bipartisan goal is very simple and is shared by 87% of the people of Kentucky – whether you are for or against gaming, settle this issue once and for all, and let the people decide.

We need your help getting the message to Frankfort. Please click on this link to “like” the Kentucky Alliance for Jobs Facebook page, and watch your Facebook news feed for updates on our efforts to pass a constitutional amendment. And please be ready to call or email your elected representatives and give them a simple message – let the people decide.

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