Chamber criticized for resisting new business taxes

Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Dave Adkisson appeared on cn|2’s Pure Politics recently to discuss Gov. Beshear’s Blue Ribbon Tax Commission and the economic health of the Commonwealth.

His remarks have drawn criticism from a few media outlets, including the Lexington Herald-Leader [“‘Revenue neutral’ simply a cop-out”] and The Morehead News [“State Chamber circles its wagons on tax reform”].

The Kentucky Chamber continues its mission to create a business-friendly environment in the state and promote improvements in education and workforce development. It is the position of the Chamber that this is accomplished through responsible spending, and Kentucky must discontinue excessive spending, as outlined in the Leaky Bucket reports.

As it was put in a recent post:

The Chamber is prepared to support pro-business tax reform that will improve Kentucky’s competitive position; however, we are carefully monitoring the process and will vigorously oppose attempts to simply raise revenue by increasing the cost of doing business in Kentucky. Tax reform can help employers grow jobs and raise revenue through economic growth to support important investments if we do it the right way.

The Chamber invites members to contact our public affairs team with feedback on this and other issues.

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