Legislative Update: Chamber-supported debt bill passes Senate, action on telecom reform legislation expected Monday

Senate passes Chamber-supported bill limiting state debt
The Senate passed Senate Bill 94, sponsored by Sen. Joe Bowen, which would limit the state’s spending to 6 percent of the state’s economy. The Kentucky Chamber has been a long supporter of this measure which encourages lawmakers to keep Kentucky’s financial house in order and adopt disciplined spending principles.
Telecommunications Bill set to pass Monday
Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer told members Friday morning that House Bill 152 will be on the floor for a vote on Monday afternoon. HB 52 seeks to provide telecom providers the flexibility to invest in new technology. The bill will need to be voted out of Senate committee before being heard on the floor Monday.
The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce strongly supports this legislation which is sponsored by Rep. Rick Rand. Telecommunications reform will help make our Commonwealth more attractive to businesses so we can compete for investment dollars and jobs.

The bill passed the state House Tuesday with a 71-25 vote.

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