Kentucky Chamber launches ad campaign for road fund stabilization; urges lawmakers to pass P3

On Wednesday, the Kentucky Chamber sent a memo to all members of the Kentucky General Assembly, urging them to pass two urgent pieces of legislation before the close of the Kentucky General Assembly next week.

“We urge you to demonstrate strong leadership by stabilizing the state’s road fund and passing the public-private partnership (P3) legislation embodied in HB 443 that passed the House by a wide, bipartisan margin earlier this session,” Chamber President and CEO Dave Adkisson said in the memo. “These measures, taken together, are the two most impactful ways the legislature can act in the final days to support Kentucky jobs.” Click here to read the memo.

In addition to the memo, the Chamber also launched a radio and social media campaign on the road fund. You can listen to the ad here. The importance of stabilizing the road fund is outlined in this blog post.

The P3 Jobs legislation which passed overwhelmingly last year in both the House and Senate and passed the House this again this year is likely this session’s most impactful piece of legislation to support private sector jobs.

“HB 443 is a strong P3 bill that includes local authorizations for public-private partnerships and protects taxpayers with adequate transparency can support and encourage private sector job growth while completing important infrastructure taxpayers demand,” Adkisson said. “Despite rhetoric to the contrary, P3 legislation does not promote or authorize tolling on any specific project; it does, however, promote job growth.”

The Kentucky Chamber stands as a constructive partner in improving the Commonwealth and commends all legislators who have demonstrated leadership on these important issues.

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