Congress fights Obama on climate change commitment delivered in Paris

Congress has passed resolutions disapproving of regulations targeting greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. President Obama is expected to veto the resolutions and Congress likely can’t achieve the votes to override his veto, but the resolutions send an important message that not all of the U.S. government is behind the president in his effort to lead the world in climate change action.

The president attended the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris this week to commit the nation to reduce greenhouse gases by 26-28% by 2025. Any agreement that is forged by the gathering of nations will not be legally binding, forcing many to ask if the U.S. can keep its commitment. The opposition from Congress along with lawsuits filed by 27 states and numerous business associations to stop the rules are clear indication that support for the President’s commitment is not widespread.

Discussions will continue at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris through December 11. An agreement may be reached by the nations involved, but it’s also possible certain members will prevent such an outcome. Regardless of the result of the conference, the president faces unwavering opposition and a tough legal battle ahead.

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