Legislative Update: House passes education and energy measures

Bill to give superintendents more hiring flexibility passes House

House Bill 184, a bill to give superintendents another tool in their hiring process, passed through the House Friday with a vote of 90-0.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Jeff Donohue, gives superintendents in Jefferson County a greater role in principal selection by allowing them to recommend a principal to the site selection committee in closed session for final approval.

Donohue and others testifying in committee Tuesday said the legislation would help solve an issue within the school system that deters talented, qualified applicants from taking a job as a principal at a low-performing school.

Energy bill passes House

House Bill 202 filed by Rep. Rocky Adkins passed through the House Friday with a vote of 89-0.  The bill would allow coal mining and processing facilities to be eligible for tax incentives provided by the Kentucky Enterprise Initiative Act and the Kentucky Business Investment Act.  The bill also directs the Economic Development Cabinet to work with partners to promote exports of Kentucky Coal.  House Bill 202 now heads to the Senate.

Categories: 2016 General Assembly, Education, Energy & Environment

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