Kentucky Chamber encourages Congress to pass strong patent reforms

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce encouraged Congress to pass a strong patent reform bill which would protect intellectual property important to entrepreneurship and job creation by writing a letter in January.

The Kentucky Chamber and its member companies are very protective of intellectual property laws; however, there have been increasing abuses by so-called patent trolls. Generally, there has been a perception that patent trolls mainly target tech companies. The truth is that they target a broad range of American businesses: large and small, tech and Main Street: manufacturers, realtors, restaurants, convenience stores, auto dealers, and more. Read much more about the need for strong patent reforms here.

In the letter to members of Kentucky’s federal delegation, the Chamber explicitly detailed that a strong patent reform bill should address:

  • reforming abusive demand letters;
  • making trolls explain their claims;
  • protecting innocent customers;
  • making patent litigation more efficient;
  • stop discovery abuses;
  • making abusive trolls pay;
  • and providing less expensive alternatives to litigation.

Protecting intellectual property is very important to entrepreneurship and job creation. This is why the Kentucky Chamber strongly support reforms to prevent abuses of our system and encourages Kentucky businesses to contact Congress to encourage a solution to the problems caused by unnecessary patent lawsuits.

Click here to contact your Congressman and call for strong patent reforms.

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