Chamber-backed Workers’ Compensation Task Force bill clears first hurdle

The House Labor and Industry Committee passed House Concurrent Resolution 185 yesterday unanimously in a specially called meeting upon adjournment. The resolution, co-sponsored by Chairman Rick Nelson (D) Middlesboro, and Rep. Adam Koenig (R) Erlanger, would establish a task force made up of equal parts labor and business to look at the workers’ compensation system.

The Kentucky Chamber has worked alongside the Kentucky League of Cities, the AFL-CIO and others to craft the legislation to examine the workers’ compensation system and make recommendations to the General Assembly. For many years various business and labor groups have been trying to reach agreements on aspects of the workers’ compensation system but little progress has been made. This task force would bring the groups together in a formal setting to take a serious look at the system and make suggestions to the legislature.

The task force will be made up of two members of the Senate, two members of the House, nine representatives of labor and nine representatives of business, including a member appointed by the Kentucky Chamber. The Secretary of Labor and the Commissioner of Workers’ Claims will serve as ex-officio members.

There is broad bipartisan support for the bill as it heads to the House floor for a vote.

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