Bill to give superintendents more hiring flexibility moves forward

On Thursday, the Senate Education Committee passed Kentucky Chamber-supported House Bill 184, which gives Jefferson County school superintendents more flexibility in the principal hiring process.

Representative Jeff Donohue, sponsor of the bill, presented the legislation to the committee and was joined by Senate Majority Caucus Chair Dan Seum and the Jefferson County Superintendent. HB 184 gives the superintendent a greater role in selecting and placing principals by allowing them to recommend a candidate to the site-based selection committee in closed session. This will assist efforts in recruiting talented and qualified individuals to apply and take the helm at schools where strong leaders are needed.

Other committee members noted this would be a useful tool in their own school districts. Rep. Donohue noted this could serve as an example that could be expanded.

The committee unanimously passed HB 184. It now awaits action by the full Senate where it will be carried by Senator Seum.

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