Governor Matt Bevin ceremoniously signs historic legislation making Kentucky a right-to-work state

rtw bill sign.jpgGovernor Matt Bevin thanked individuals involved in the new law that makes the state “open for business” at a ceremonial bill signing Wednesday.  Kentucky is the 27th right-to-work state after legislation was passed and signed into law in January.

right-to-work-bill-signing-bevinGovernor Bevin publicly thanked the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and other groups for the strong support and years of work on the issue and pushing for Kentucky to become more competitive.

“Right-to-work legislation will literally open up a full third more opportunities for us. Instead of fishing in two-thirds of the pond, we are now going to be fishing in the entire pond. And that is going to mean extraordinary things,” Gov. Bevin said.

Bevin went on to say that since the passage of the right-to-work law, Kentucky has received unsolicited calls on a daily basis from economic developers and others looking at the Commonwealth as “open for business.”

The governor gave special thanks to House Speaker Jeff Hoover for his leadership on the issue as he was the sponsor of House Bill 1 and has been a vocal proponent for many years.

right-to-work-bill-signing-00_01_32_23-still003Speaker Hoover also said he believes the positive impact of right-to-work legislation is already being seen.

“The word is out that Kentucky is a better place to do business than it was 12 months ago or 5 years ago or 10 years ago. We are a better place to do business and we will continue to do things to make Kentucky a better place to do business. That’s what we are about,” Hoover said.

right-to-work-bill-signing-00_04_04_17-still001Rep. Jim DeCesare, a key co-sponsor of the legislation, also publically thanked Kentucky Chamber President Dave Adkisson for his many years of work on the bill and the advocacy of the Chamber.

“He stood up there with us when it wasn’t popular face the crowds that we had against us at times,” DeCesare said.

Watch video coverage of the bill signing here:

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