Gov. Matt Bevin calls on legislators to pass charter school legislation

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin joined House Education Chair Bam Carney and Education and Workforce Secretary Hal Heiner Tuesday to voice support for legislation that would allow for the creation of public charter schools in Kentucky to provide more educational options for parents and students.

Bevin applauded groups from across the political spectrum for working together on the charter schools legislation which he said is a “really good bill” and added that he would sign House Bill 520 into law immediately.

“Contact your legislators. Because this is good for Kentucky, it’s good for Kentucky students. House Bill 520 needs to pass and I look forward to signing it into law,” Bevin said.

A public school educator for more than 20 years, House Education Chair John “Bam” Carney said he is sponsoring the bill because while traditional public schools will always be the primary source for education in the state, he believes it is time to bring more options to Kentucky.

“It is past time that we in Kentucky join the 43 other states that allow other models that will meet the needs of every individual student,” Carney said.

Education and Workforce Cabinet Secretary Hal Heiner, a longtime proponent of charter schools, cited the millions of students in the 6,700 charter schools across the nation and noted the ways other states have seen their achievement gaps among students close with the help of charter schools.

“There is simply no reason at all to not have this option for students in Kentucky,” Heiner said.

Watch video coverage of the press conference here:

Hear more from the bill sponsor, Rep. Carney, in an exclusive sit down interview with The Bottom Line about the details of the bill and why he believes it is right for Kentucky here.

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