Voluntary ID legislation receives final passage, heads to governor

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C6_5wNpW0AEEAMY.jpg largeLegislation to put Kentucky in compliance with federal law and provide citizens with a voluntary travel ID passed the Senate Wednesday with a 26-11 vote.

Currently, Kentucky is out of compliance with federal law requiring the new form of identification and has been granted an extension until June of this year. Without this legislation, Kentuckians will have to provide a passport, or another form of ID in addition to a drivers’ license in order to fly domestically, or enter onto federal property.

House Bill 410 bill sponsor, Rep. Jim DuPlessis, of Elizabethtown, has said that the legislation would ensure Kentuckians will have enhanced and secure identifications.

The Chamber and the business community support House Bill 410, which now heads to governor’s desk for signature.

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