Gov. Matt Bevin says pension plan and special session will both come soon

On Tuesday, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin told reporters the plan for pension reform which legislators and his administration have been working on for many weeks will be released soon with a special session following close after.

When talking to reporters after a ceremonial bill signing at the Capitol Tuesday, Bevin cited the critical conditions of the state’s retirement systems and the need for reforms and said an announcement on a pension reform plan will be made “very soon.”

“This is a good plan. It is one that will keep the promises, it allows people to get what it is they were promised, those that are retired, those that are working toward retirement—but also preserve the system for them and for others not yet in the system,” Bevin said.

In terms of when the special session will be held to tackle pension reforms, Bevin did not want to name a date but said he has a good idea of when he plans to call legislators back to Frankfort and that it is “going to be very soon.”

The governor did not offer any specifics of the pension plan but mentioned there are still some moving parts to the reform package that are currently being scored by actuaries.

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