U.S. Senate Votes to Proceed with Federal Budget Bill

Earlier today in a vote of 50-47 the senate moved forward with the FY 2018 budget bill which will serve as the vehicle for tax reform critically needed by businesses in Kentucky.  This vote brings about several hours of debate which will culminate in a series of votes on possible amendments.  Ultimately the Senate must vote on the final budget bill to move forward with tax reform.

The Kentucky Chamber has called on Senator Rand Paul to vote for the budget so that Congress can move forward with tax reform.  As it currently stands, Senator Paul could be the deciding vote.

The Kentucky Chamber is advocating for a lower corporate tax rate that will improve the competitiveness of the U.S. and lessen the tax burden of businesses thereby encouraging more investment and jobs in Kentucky and the nation as a whole.

Tax reform should also further consider the tax burden of small businesses by simplifying the code and reducing costs.

Business leaders are urged to contact Senator Paul at 270-782-8303 and tell him to vote YES on the budget.

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