Kentucky Chamber and Kids Matter Coalition Host Workforce of Today, Workforce of Tomorrow Rally

On Wednesday, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and the Kids Matter Coalition partnered to host a rally focused on the importance of accessible, high-quality childcare in Kentucky.

At the rally, House Education Chair Bam Carney and House Health and Family Services Chair Addia Wuchner spoke on their commitment to high-quality and accessible childcare in Kentucky. Rep. Wuchner said, “Kids may be 25% of the population, but they are 100% of our future workforce.”


Rep. Carney committed to continuing discussions on how Kentucky approaches childcare saying, “This is an issue we must get right. It will have a major impact on the future of our Commonwealth.”

The Kentucky Chamber’s Travis Burton touched on Kentucky’s workforce needs, noting that access to high-quality childcare is a major workforce issue. He also stressed that childcare and education are the same issue, and they should be treated as such. Burton said, “Education is key to every policy and every success we have as a state.”

The rally shed light on the need for education, workforce, and business leaders to work together towards solutions that lead to more accessible and high-quality childcare for Kentucky’s children.

Today’s event followed a symposium hosted by the Kentucky Chamber in November that explored childcare as it relates to workforce and early childhood education.

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