2018 Kentucky Energy Management conference to feature federal and state industry leaders

On January 18-19, the Kentucky Chamber will host the 7th Annual Kentucky Energy Management Conference. Experts from industry and government will share valuable insights on the forces affecting energy supplies and prices today, including the effects of increasingly stringent government regulations, scarce natural resources and evolving global economic trends.

The keynote speakers will include Secretary Charles Snavely of the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, Neil Chatterjee, Commissioner of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), and Karen Alderman Harbert, the President & CEO of the Global Energy Institute, U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Secretary Snavely will discuss his plans for directing energy policy and programs at the state level. Hear from the state’s top energy policy advisor about his strategic plans for continued energy development in the Commonwealth and his take on the critical role energy plays in economic development. Sec. Snavely will also update participants on any major changes made or anticipated at the Cabinet.

Chatterjee will speak about the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s policies and the impact they have on Kentucky. As new leadership takes over at the Commission, policies are being discussed and changes are expected.  Harbert will conclude the conference with a discussion on the path to a strong energy future and will discuss the U.S. role as a global energy leader.

Panels will also include Kentucky Public Service Commissioners, utility executives, and experts on federal policies and energy resources.

More on the 7th Annual Kentucky Energy Conference, visit kychamber.com/events/energy.

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