Chamber and other groups file amicus brief to protect Kentucky’s legislative ethics rules

The Kentucky Chamber, Kentucky League of Cities, Kentucky Coal Association, and the Kentucky Non-Profit Network have joined together to file an amicus brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th District on the issue of Kentucky’s legislative ethics prohibition on gifts and contributions from lobbyists.

The brief, filed Wednesday, comes after a judge recently issued a final ruling overturning Kentucky’s quarter-century ban on gifts and contributions to legislators from lobbyists.

In the brief, the groups note that prior to the enactment of the Ethics Code, Kentucky’s General Assembly suffered from a well-publicized crisis of conscience and credibility.

“If upheld, the Order and Permanent Injunction would leave Kentucky’s ethics systems in shambles and open up the floodgates for lobbyists to engage in exactly the type of actual or perceived corrupt behaviors that the law was enacted to shield against. Lobbyists would be free to inundate legislators with gifts of unlimited value—including lavish trips, fancy meals, and all kinds of valuable items—and flush their campaign funds with contributions,” the group stated in the brief.

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