2018 session helped get Kentucky’s fiscal house in order, Ky. Chamber says on KET

ashli KETAfter the lawmakers went home on Saturday, KET Kentucky Tonight host Renee Shaw and guests discussed the actions taken in the 2018 General Assembly on Monday.

The program on Monday included a panel of Ashli Watts, senior vice president of public affairs for the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce; Stephanie Winkler, president of the Kentucky Education Association; Jason Bailey, executive director of the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy; and Jordan Harris, founder and co-executive director of the Pegasus Institute.

The four guests from all sides of the political spectrum discussed the changes to Kentucky’s pension systems, tax code, and two-year operating budget made during the 2018 session and what it means for citizens and businesses in the state.

Kentucky Chamber Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Ashli Watts said while the 2018 session was messy at times, many critical issues the state has faced for years were tackled.

“If you look at this session as a whole, we did a lot to get our fiscal house in order. From tax reform, even if it wasn’t as comprehensive as some of us would have liked, to pension reform so that now we can move on to education, economic development, and infrastructure funding. I think one of the themes of this session was really getting our fiscal house in order, taking some of those hard votes and making some of these tough decisions so that in the future we can really invest our time, energy, and money into these things that will move Kentucky forward,” Watts said.

Watch the full Kentucky Tonight episode on the KET website here.

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