House Republicans elect leadership team for next two years

123_1.jpegIn a meeting on Thursday, the House Republican Caucus elected their leadership team for the 2019 session.

Leaders for the Republican supermajority in the state House will include:

  • House Speaker
    Rep. David Osborne of Prospect
  • House Speaker Pro Tem
    Rep. David Meade of Stanford
  • House Majority Floor Leader
    Rep. John “Bam” Carney of Campbellsville
  • Majority Caucus Chair
    Rep. Suzanne Miles of Owensboro
  • Majority Whip
    Rep. Chad McCoy of Bardstown

Osborne and Meade will be elected by the full House of Representatives when the General Assembly convenes in January. Osborne served in the role of acting House Speaker during the 2018 session.  His former leadership position of Speaker Pro Tem was not being filled during that time. Rep. Meade ran unopposed for the role of Speaker Pro Tem this round after serving as Majority Caucus Chair, a role now filled by Rep. Miles.

Rep. Carney replaces former Rep. Jonathan Shell in the position of Majority Floor Leader after Shell was defeated in his primary re-election race.

The position of Majority Whip will now be held by Rep. McCoy after Rep. Kevin Bratcher decided to not run for re-election for the leadership post.

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