Lawmakers to serve on Public Pensions Working Group

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After pension reform legislation passed during the 2018 General Assembly was overturned by the Kentucky Supreme Court in December and no agreement was reached during a special session, the Legislative Research Commission announced the creation of the “Public Pensions Working Group” to look at the structure, cost, benefits, and funding of the state retirement systems on Friday.

Sen. Wil Schroder (R) and Rep. Jerry Miller (R) will co-chair the group and other members are Senate President Robert Stivers (R), Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer (R), Sen. Jimmy Higdon (R), Sen. Chris McDaniel (R), Senate Minority Leader Morgan McGarvey (D), Senate Minority Caucus Chair Johnny Ray Turner (D), House Minority Caucus Chair Derrick Graham (D), Rep. R. Travis Brenda (R), Rep. Jim Duplessis (R), Rep. Scott Lewis (R) Rep. Diane St. Onge (R) and Rep. Buddy Wheatley (D).

The group is to make a recommendation to the General Assembly by February 15, but that deadline could be extended if agreed upon by the co-chairs.  According to the press release the group can meet at their discretion during the 2019 General Assembly and monthly during the legislative interim through December 30th.

Learn more about the pension issue, special session, and more here.

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