Bill to help promote financial literacy courses in schools backed by Kentucky officials

Financial Empowerment Commission Press Conference_1At a press conference Monday, Kentucky Treasurer Allison Ball and Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis showed their support for a bill that would help implement financial literacy courses to Kentucky schools.

House Bill 139, sponsored by Rep. Jim DuPlessis of Elizabethtown, would provide support to educators teaching financial literacy after legislation passed in 2018 making financial literacy a requirement for high school graduation. The new bill would set up the Financial Empowerment Commission, a group which would be tasked with developing and implementing plans to improve the financial literacy of Kentucky. The commission would be funded by private donations and receive no state funding.

Kentucky Treasurer Ball detailed her plans to launch the commission at the press conference on Monday.

“We made great strides last year towards improving financial literacy in Kentucky and this is the next step,” Treasurer Ball said. “The Commission is a vital part of the work we are doing to financially empower Kentuckians and I look forward to advocating for its passage.”

Education Commissioner Lewis said the Kentucky Department of Education is currently updating their Financial Literacy academic standards and added he is excited about the opportunities the Commission will bring for educators.

“This Commission will ease the financial burden on school districts working to build students’ financial knowledge and skills,” Lewis said.

The Kentucky Chamber supports HB 139 which was introduced in the House on January 9, 2019 and sent to the State Government Committee.

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