Education bill heads to governor with amendment addressing concerns

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On Thursday night, the House and Senate passed an amended version of Senate Bill 175 which impacts the state’s education accountability and assessment systems.

Among other provisions, the original bill contained language that would have changed how students are deemed “transition ready,” weakening the preparedness of students to move on to the workforce or into post-secondary education.

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence expressed concerns about the move and urged the House to make changes to the legislation.

House Floor Amendment 3, carried by House Majority Leader Bam Carney, removed the controversial provisions that would have lowered transition readiness standards.

“This floor amendment will help us avoid any unintended consequences like lowering transition readiness standards or falling out of compliance with federal law.” said Carney as he presented the floor amendment.

Carney pointed out that the floor amendment was the result of work by the Kentucky Chamber, superintendents, the Kentucky Department of Education, the Prichard Committee, and other stakeholders.

In addition to transition readiness, the bill addresses the way schools are designated to receive state support and requires reporting to the legislature from the Department of Education on the implementation of the state’s accountability system.

The amended version of Senate Bill 175 now heads to the governor for his signature or veto.

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