2019 Governor’s Race: Democratic Primary Voter’s Guide

Ahead of the 2019 gubernatorial primary elections, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce has put together a voter’s guide for the citizens of the Commonwealth. With all of the noise in political campaigns, it can be hard to compare the candidates in races on their stances. So, the Kentucky Chamber has compiled the stances of all eight candidates in both primary elections, four Republicans and four Democrats, on the issues important to the business community and the state.

Below is the guide to the Democratic primary with positions of all four candidates: House Democratic Leader Rocky Adkins, Attorney General Andy Beshear (did not return the survey), Adam Edelen, and Geoff Young.

The following stances have been gathered through responses by each candidate to a policy survey from the Kentucky Chamber or policy positions stated on their campaign website if they did not return the survey.

As a non-partisan organization, the Kentucky Chamber does not endorse in statewide races but our organization hopes this voter’s guide gives the people of the commonwealth the information they need before heading to the polls Tuesday, May 21. Download the guide here or see the full Democratic voter’s guide below:

The Republican voter’s guide can be found here.

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