New laws from 2019 session go into effect June 27

On June 27, many new laws passed this session will go into effect following the 90-day period after adjourning the 2019 General Assembly in March.

Several longstanding legislative priorities of the Kentucky business community will become law after passing during the 2019 session:

  • Prohibiting tobacco use on school property to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke and curb youth smoking. (House Bill 11)
  • Ensuring costs remain fair for all energy consumers. (Senate Bill 100)
  • Making positive changes to panels that handle teacher termination. (Senate Bill 8)
  • Allowing qualified workforce training programs to participate in Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarships (KEES). (House Bill 61)
  • Requiring an expert opinion with a certificate of merit before going to court to help curb frivolous lawsuits. (House Bill 429)
  • Strengthening reporting requirements for executive branch lobbying, making them similar to legislative branch lobbying policies. (Senate Bill 6)
  • Encouraging responsible alcohol consumption with tougher penalties for driving under the influence. (Senate Bill 85)

Learn more about what passed, what didn’t, and what it means to your bottom line in the Kentucky Chamber’s 2019 Results for Business publication.

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