Bevin campaign feeling confident leading into final months of election, Lt. Gov. candidate Alvarado says

State Senator Ralph Alvarado, the running mate of Gov. Matt Bevin and a doctor from Winchester, says he believes Kentuckians see the positive changes being made in the state and will support their campaign for Bevin’s re-election.

Discussing polling and where he feels the Bevin campaign stands with just two months until the election, Alvarado said they feel like Bevin is leading Democrat Andy Beshear in the race and the campaign is encouraged.

When asked what priorities and concerns he is hearing most from voters out on the campaign trail, Alvarado said Kentuckians are happy with the economic growth the state has seen in recent years. He also noted he feels voters like that Bevin is a pro-life candidate as well as appreciate his work to resolve the state’s pension crisis.

“There is a general sense of hope in Kentucky for the first time in a long time. Kentucky has people who are very proud. We are proud of our state, we are proud of who we are, we are proud of our culture. When you mix that with hope, it’s a powerful combination and this state is primed for growth under Bevin’s leadership,” Alvarado said.

As for what his role as lieutenant governor would look like if Bevin wins re-election, Alvarado said he feels his role will be in large part to serve as a liaison between the governor and the legislature. Alvarado said he will be able to help bridge that gap, having served in the legislature since 2014 (discussion starting at 4:00 in the video).

If Bevin wins re-election in November, Alvarado’s Senate seat will be left vacant as he takes on this new role. When asked who would run for his seat, he said while he has encouraged local supporters to be patient and wait until after the election, many people from the area have expressed interest in his seat.

Watch the interview segment with Sen. Ralph Alvarado below:

Visit The Bottom Line next week to hear from Alvarado on policy issues including pensions, taxes, the state’s opioid crisis, and more.

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