Business courts will make Kentucky more attractive for business, Supreme Court Justice Hughes tells lawmakers


Janet Jakubowicz, Bingham Greenebaum Doll, and Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Lisabeth Hughes

On Thursday, Deputy Chief Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court Lisabeth Hughes, along with Kentucky Chamber Board member Janet Jakubowicz, partner of Bingham Greenebaum Doll, presented to lawmakers about the Kentucky business courts pilot project that will begin in Jefferson County January 1, 2020.

Business courts are a designated section or division of a state’s trial courts that handles complex commercial or business litigation. Learn more about business courts in an exclusive interview with Justice Hughes on The Bottom Line.

Justice Hughes and Jakubowicz both said business courts will be positive for all parties involved, increasing access for all litigants, as well as improving the efficiency, timeliness, and consistency in the judicial process.

“The problem on both sides is it’s too expensive and takes too long,” Jakubowicz said as a practicing attorney for over 35 years specializing in business and commercial litigation. “I can tell you from my experience business courts is going to be a tremendous opportunity for both litigants and lawyers.”

Justice Hughes predicts business courts will be adopted in Fayette County after piloting in Jefferson County. Later, she said business courts have the opportunity to spread across the Commonwealth, but with careful consideration of cost and efficiency.

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