Bill to give superintendents more hiring flexibility moves forward

UPDATED: Senate Bill 7, sponsored by Sen. John Schickel, passed through the Senate on Thursday with a 20-15 vote.

The legislation gives superintendents the hiring authority of school principals, a concept long-supported by the business community.

In addition, the bill equalizes the number of parents and teachers on school councils by adding a parent representative. Currently, the councils have three teachers and two parents along with a principal.

Senate Bill 7 passed through the Senate State Government Committee on Wednesday with a 8-3 vote.

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  1. I would vote to regionalize Superintendentd & PVA administrations.

    This action would annually save estimated $80 + millions!

    Identifying & eliminating $5 billion of Obsolete exemptions among state tax expenditures & taxing jurisdictions would increase budget funds to fund services & benefits!

    Bill Huff

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