Businesses Take Appropriate Steps in Pandemic, Survey Shows

Coronavirus_Graphic_Survey_Email_3-20A survey of business leaders across the state in the wake the coronavirus shows employers are taking responsible steps to ensure the safety of their employees, while also providing necessary services in this trying time.

The survey, conducted by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, was sent out with a goal of compiling information to help businesses across Kentucky during the pandemic and in the future. The survey is a real-time reflection and evaluation of how businesses are currently dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

This information was compiled days after the pandemic crisis became “real” with announcements of school closures and government restrictions being placed on businesses to stop the spread of the virus.

The following results reflect feedback from employers across Kentucky from 3/16/2020-3/19/2020.

  • 56% of respondents stated they were enabling their employees to work from home when possible and cutting down on the number of employees in their office spaces at one time.
  • 63% of businesses restricted or halted travel for their employees in the first days of the heightened pandemic.
  • 59% said canceled events as a result of the coronavirus spread will be a financial hit to their business.
  • Many small companies said they were unable to provide sick leave for their employees. 52% of respondents said they could not while another 45% are able.
  • At the time of the survey, 54% of companies had not had to eliminate costs in their businesses to adapt to the coronavirus (we expect this statistic to change drastically.)
  • In good news, 79% of respondents said they had not had to make tough decisions like laying off employees or implement salary reductions (this was before more necessary action was taken at the state level to flatten the curve of the coronavirus. More businesses have had to at least temporarily shut their doors.)

The Kentucky Chamber will continue to conduct follow up surveys in the coming weeks and months to take the pulse of the business community and gauge the impact of the pandemic.

If the information has been helpful let us know. Please let us know other data points that would be helpful to know going forward.

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