Final requirements for businesses reopening released by Beshear administration

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Many Kentucky businesses are reopening on Monday as part of Phase I of Governor Beshear’s Healthy at Work initiative.

The governor released an Executive Order Sunday detailing the final requirements all businesses will need to follow starting now.

Many of the requirements have changed since the initial announcement of business requirements for reopening. The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce worked closely with the Beshear administration to ensure all requirements be practicable while keeping all employees and customers safe.

Minimum requirements all employers are expected to follow starting Monday, May 11 include health and temperature screenings, including employees, may self-administer a temperature screening at home.

In addition to minimum requirements that all business must follow, sector-specific guidelines were released for:

May 9, 2020:

May 11, 2020:

May 18, 2020:

May 20, 2020:

Phase 2 of reopening will span from May 22 through June 15 and include things like restaurants at limited capacity, movie theaters and gyms, campgrounds, and childcare. Get more details on The Bottom Line.

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