Head of court system wants Kentuckians to know real steps are being taken to address racial inequities in the criminal justice system

Policies in Kentucky and across the nation are being closely evaluated to address racial inequity. Kentucky’s justice system is no exception. A recent report released by the court system calls on organizations within the system to take steps to identify disproportionality and disparities, construct strategies to aggressively address these issues, institutionalize effective processes, and reevaluate how progress is measured and ensure continuous improvement.

The report says many of the racial inequity issues within the state are built into the policies and practices of the very programs meant to protect the most vulnerable, which is the definition of racial and ethnic disparity.

In an interview with The Bottom Line, Kentucky Supreme Court Chief Justice John D. Minton said the justice system must be willing to recognize failures and hear very valid concerns of populations impacted in order to make meaningful change.

Watch the full interview with Chief Justice Minton to hear about the report, what must come next, how the courts will track progress, and more here:

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