Kentucky Chamber Releases Federal Priorities Following 2020 Elections

As Kentucky looks to recover and rebuild its economy from the coronavirus pandemic, the Kentucky Chamber released its 2021 Federal Priorities on Thursday.

In addition to advocating on behalf of businesses at the state level, the Kentucky Chamber also advocates for pro-business policies in Washington D.C.

“Through great relationships with Kentucky’s federal delegation and with our colleagues at the US Chamber, the Kentucky Chamber has enjoyed some significant victories advocating at the federal level. These priorities represent the best interests of the business community in Kentucky, and we will continue to keep our members informed while fighting for them in Washington,” said Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Ashli Watts.

Click here to read the Kentucky Chamber’s full 2021 Federal Priorities.

The Kentucky Chamber’s 2021 federal priority areas include:

COVID-19 relief: support policies to stimulate the economy, keep businesses open, and keep Americans safe in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Tax and entitlement reform: address the serious fiscal challenges that continue to exacerbate the annual budget deficit and growing national debt.

Regulatory reform: reform regulations that stifle economic growth and impose unnecessary costs that businesses have to pass along to their customers.

Immigration reform: enact comprehensive immigration reform that benefits employers and workforce.

• Education: build a strong education system to prepare young people for good jobs and bright futures.

Energy and environmental policy: ensure reliable and affordable energy that is essential to running a business and fueling economic growth and competitiveness.

 Health care: encourage health care reform that lowers costs, improves quality, expands access to health care, and protects American jobs and the employers who create them.

• Signature industries in Kentucky: enhance, promote, and protect our signature industries in the Commonwealth, such as the equine industry, the bourbon industry, and agriculture.

 International trade: open trade with promising markets abroad and to remove barriers that shut U.S. exports out of foreign markets.

Reliable and secure infrastructure: improve the quality of America’s infrastructure, including investments in highways, transit, airports, freight, rail, transportation, energy, waterways, and wireless and broadband access.

• Legal reform: limit the threat of frivolous lawsuits that stifles growth, investment, and competition and is bad for business.

• Intellectual property: protect intellectual property, which is very important to entrepreneur-ship and job creation.

• Cyber security: protect businesses as they rely more on technology and data and vulnerabilities continue to emerge.

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