To-go alcoholic beverages could become permanent past pandemic if Kentucky lawmakers pass bill

Legislation to allow to-go alcoholic beverages permanently took its first step in the legislative process Tuesday.

Senate Bill 67, sponsored by Sen. John Schickel, would allow restaurants to sell alcohol, including cocktails, with to-go and delivery orders when purchased with a meal from that establishment.

The legislation comes after the governor issued an executive order related to the COVID-19 pandemic to allow restaurants to sell to-go alcohol as many of them had to shut their doors and shift to a take out model because of restrictions. The bill would simply codify the executive order.

A committee substitute included in the passage of the bill Tuesday requires the beverages come in a closed container and that an order can’t contain more alcohol than would be reasonably consumed with a meal.

Senate Bill 67 now moves to the full Senate for a vote on the floor before it would move to the House for consideration in committee and then by the full House.

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