Bill focused on addressing racial disparities passes House

Senate Bill 10, sponsored by Senate President Pro Temp David Givens, would establish a commission to help ensure policies help address the ongoing struggle the state and nation face when it comes to race and inequality. The legislation passed in the House Thursday evening.

The commission will include appointees from the Kentucky Human Rights Commission, four members of the state Senate, four members of the state House, and four members not affiliated with state government with expertise in education, health, economic development or the law who will be appointed by majority and minority leadership in both legislative bodies.

Presenting the bill on the floor, Rep. Samara Heavrin said the legislation seeks to recognizes areas of improvement in child welfare, education, juvenile justice and many others to help address disparities. “This is a Kentucky issue,” she stated.

Senate Bill 10 passed with a House Committee Substitute and floor amendment that allows the House Speaker and President of the Senate to add a prosecutor representative to the commission.

The bill now goes back to the Senate for concurrence before going to the governor.

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