Charter school funding bill heads to the governor

In 2017, the Kentucky General Assembly passed legislation to bring charter schools to Kentucky. However, funding for those schools was never implemented.

On Tuesday, legislation to create a permanent funding mechanism for public charter schools saw final passage as it passed the Senate 22-14.

Sponsored by Representative Chad McCoy, House Bill 9 codifies the model from House Bill 563 last year, which allows for SEEK dollars to follow the student.  The bill focuses on pilot projects in northern Kentucky and Louisville starting in July of 2023 and clarifies that SEEK funding follows the student.

Like traditional public schools, public charter schools would receive funding based on student attendance from a mix of local and state tax dollars. 

House Bill 9 now goes to the governor’s desk. If he vetoes the bill, the General Assembly will have the opportunity to override the veto when they return from the veto recess mid-April.

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