Kentucky Chamber PAC Announces Endorsed Candidates in 2022 Primary Elections

VOTE HERE SIGN placed on the walkway to a neighborhood polling place, as seen on election day in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The Kentucky Chamber Political Action Committee (PAC) has announced endorsements of several legislative candidates involved in the primary elections on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

Candidates selected by the Kentucky Chamber PAC for endorsement have demonstrated their dedication to making Kentucky more competitive, which will lead to job growth, economic development, and a higher quality of life for the citizens of their districts and the Commonwealth.

Endorsements are based on the candidate’s understanding of business issues, past voting records, and answers to the Kentucky Chamber PAC’s 2022 legislative candidate survey.

The following candidates have received the endorsement of the Kentucky Chamber PAC for the 2022 primary election:

• House District 1: Representative Steven Rudy

• House District 4: Wade Williams

• House District 8: Representative Walker Thomas

• House District 12: Representative Jim Gooch

• House District 15: Timothy Dukes

• House District 18: Representative Samara Heavrin

• House District 20: Kevin Jackson

• House District 21: Amy Neighbors

• House District 24: Representative Brandon Reed

• House District 25: Steve Bratcher

• House District 31: Susan Tyler Witten

• House District 50: John “Trey” Bradley

• House District 52: Representative Ken Upchurch

• House District 59: House Speaker David Osborne

• House District 60: Representative Sal Santoro

• House District 61: Jarrod Lykins

• House District 62: Representative Phillip Pratt

• House District 64: Representative Kim Moser

• House District 66: Representative Ed Massey

• House District 68: Paul Kloeker

• House District 69: Representative Adam Koenig

• House District 86: Representative Tom O’Dell Smith

• House District 91: Darrell Billings

• Senate District 4: Senator Robby Mills

• Senate District 6: Bill Ferko

• Senate District 22: Senator Donald Douglas

• Senate District 34: Senator Jared Carpenter

The above endorsements are for the May primary election. Only candidates who submitted answers to the Kentucky Chamber PAC’s legislative candidate survey and are in contested primaries were considered for endorsement. General election endorsements will take place in the fall, and the Kentucky Chamber PAC will consider endorsements for contested and unopposed general election races at that time.

The Kentucky Chamber PAC is the independent political arm of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, the largest broad-based business organization in Kentucky.

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