Governor calls on EPA to lift reformulated gas requirement in Louisville

As Kentuckians are struggling with higher gas prices, Governor Andy Beshear took a step to reduce higher costs in the Louisville area. Motorists buying fuel in Louisville are getting a special, reformulated gas intended to ensure the region meets certain air quality requirements.

On Thursday, legislators from the Louisville region held a press conference calling for the governor to take steps to relieve the requirements for the use of reformulated gas. That requirement is set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and can only be lifted by the agency. Later the same day, the governor formally requested the EPA to lift the requirement for 20 days.

Reformulated gas has been used in the region since the mid-90s to reduce smog-forming pollutants including volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides. According to the governor, reformulated gas costs 20 to 30 cents per gallon more.

Reformulated gas was required as recently as 2017 in the northern Kentucky region but the EPA granted permission to phase out the requirement as air quality improved and other pollution controlling methods were used.

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