Workforce shortage detailed in new Kentucky Hospital Association report

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In September, the Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) released a report with the results of a 2022 Workforce Survey Report, which showed that Kentucky hospitals currently need 5,000 more nurses to be fully staffed – a nursing shortage of more than 22% across the Commonwealth.

When releasing the report, the KHA stressed the importance of addressing the registered nursing shortage especially as turnover is at 22% and more than 14% are nearing the age of retirement.

However, the report also shows workforce issues in areas including respiratory therapy, laboratories, environmental services, social work, and food services, which is exacerbating the impact across the healthcare system.

Additionally, the KHA projects that because of the industry’s workforce shortages, hospitals will pay 1,014% more for contract labor and 643% more for premium pay in 2022 than in 2019.

“KHA and its member hospitals are committed to finding new ways to retain our dedicated healthcare professionals and attracting more Kentuckians to the rewarding field of healthcare,” said KHA President Nancy Galvagni. “We are working with the state’s colleges, universities, and high schools to expand programs and educate more professionals. We look forward to working with our elected officials to address this crisis head on and ensure every citizen in the Commonwealth retains access to the high quality care our hospitals provide.”

Click here to download the full report.

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