House Speaker David Osborne Presented with 2022 Kentucky Chamber MVP Award

House Speaker David Osborne was presented the Kentucky Chamber MVP Award last week by Kentucky Chamber Board Member Jeb Duke of Humana, Kentucky Chamber Foundation Board Member Paige Mankovich of Aetna, Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Ashli Watts, and Kentucky Chamber Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Kate Shanks.

Speaker Osborne was among a select group of legislators who “went to bat” for Kentucky business during the 2022 Kentucky General Assembly by displaying conspicuous actions to strengthen business, improve competitiveness, and ensure growth.

Recipients of the Kentucky Chamber MVP Award show strong leadership for the business community by sponsoring or carrying Chamber priority legislation to final passage, showing leadership on passage of critical legislation to improve Kentucky, or by taking hard votes in defense of business.

During the 2022 session, House Speaker David Osborne played an important role in supporting Chamber priority legislation including House Bill 499, the Employee Child Care Assistance Partnership, as well as House Bill 8, legislation to make Kentucky’s tax code more competitive.

“We sincerely appreciate Speaker Osborne’s work in the General Assembly in making Kentucky a more competitive state to attract jobs and investment,” said Ashli Watts, President and CEO of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. “He has been a tremendous advocate for Kentucky’s business community over the years, and we can’t thank him enough for going to bat for us yet again.”

The 2022 General Assembly saw monumental progress on several critical priorities of the Kentucky business community, and the pro-growth policies passed saved Kentucky businesses an estimated $1.281 billion, roughly $19,000 for each employer in the Commonwealth.

While monitoring the progress of bills that create a better business climate and advance the Commonwealth, the Chamber tracks how each legislator votes on these bills. The Chamber’s MVP award recipients displayed more than just a business-friendly voting record, but also went out of their way, and at times across party lines, to support or oppose an issue critical to the business climate in Kentucky.

Learn more about business issues during the 2022 Kentucky General Assembly in the Kentucky Chamber’s “Results for Business” publication.

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