Leadership Institute for School Principals kicks off with “exceeds expectations” reviews

Leadership Institute participants make a plan to get their team across a maze during an experiential learning activity this week.

The Kentucky Chamber Foundation’s Leadership Institute for School Principals kicked off this week in Greensboro, N.C., with 23 of the state’s principals attending. Though it is only day four of the training at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), the program is receiving “exceeds expectations” reviews from participating principals. 

“I’ve truly enjoyed meeting fellow administrators from across the state that are also ‘in the trenches.’ Our conversations have been both inspiring and motivating for me personally,” said  Matt Mercer, principalof Belfry Middle School in Pike County, a participant in this week’s session. “I have been amazed by the strategies the CCL staff are teaching. It’s great to hear from people with such invaluable experience.”

A total of 48 principals were selected to participate in the leadership program. They were split into two groups with the first round taking place this week, and the next round scheduled for July. The principals have spent the week participating in experiential learning exercises, personality assessments, career coaching and facilitated discussions about research surrounding successful leadership habits. Chamber staff member, Allyson Hamilton-McIntire, has been onsite to monitor the program.

“This program is tougher than it may sound. As a participant, you are forced outside of your comfort zone as your personality traits are disected and you participate in exercises designed to test your leadership skills,” said Hamilton-McIntire. “But these principals have been remarkable. They have accepted every challenge placed in front of them.  They have been overwhelmingly grateful for the experience.”

After both groups of principals have completed the week-long training in Greensboro, they will all come together in the fall and winter for additional training session from CCL at the Chamber’s office in Frankfort.

This program was funded through a grant from the AT&T Foundation and donations from Chamber members and non-members alike. The support from the business community has allowed all 48 principals selected to attend at the training at no cost to themselves.

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