Employers asked to comment on new pro-union regulations

In late June, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the Department of Labor (DOL) issued proposed rules that would make it easier for unions to organize. The NLRB regulation proposes changes to union election rules, drastically reducing the amount of time employers can respond to a union election campaign from about 40 days to 10-15 days. Unions support these “quickie” elections because they significantly limit the ability of employers to counter union rhetoric to employees. The rule would also require employers to turn over to unions all voting employees’ names, mailing addresses and work email addresses.

The DOL regulation would dramatically expand reporting and disclosure requirements to employers. Currently, employers are required to report to DOL any contracts with consultants who directly talk to workers, but are exempted from disclosing consultants who merely give advice (e.g., in the form of strategy, draft speeches, handouts, union-free seminars, etc.). The new rule would overturn this 50-year-old exception, meaning routine legal and consulting services will be subject to disclosure.

The Kentucky Chamber urges you to express your opposition to both of these proposed regulations. The deadline to comment is Aug. 22. UPDATE: The deadline to comment on the DOL regulation has been extended to Sept. 21. The deadline for the NLRB regulation remains Aug. 22.

To comment on the NLRB regulation, click here.

To comment on the DOL regulation, click here.

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