Williams, Stumbo discuss Kentucky’s challenges, opportunities

During the Kentucky Chamber’s Business Summit and Annual Meeting, Senate President David Williams and Speaker Greg Stumbo discussed challenges facing state government and opportunities for improving the state’s business climate. Williams said he wants Kentucky to become the best state in the country to do business. To accomplish this goal, Williams says he would reform the state’s tax structure and rely less on tax incentives; change the culture of state government to improve its regulatory environment; give citizens the ability to challenge state laws or agencies in their own circuit court; and change Kentucky’s labor laws by enacting a right-to-work law and modifying the state’s current prevailing wage law.

While Speaker Stumbo acknowledged some of the state’s challenges, he said Kentucky’s business climate is not as dire as Williams thinks, noting the state is ranked favorably in a number of independent business climate studies. Williams and Stumbo also discussed the state’s public employee pension system, Medicaid program and corrections reform. To watch the forum with Williams and Stumbo, click on the links below:
Williams and Stumbo – part 1

Williams and Stumbo – part 2

Williams and Stumbo – part 3

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