Healthcare and business groups launch ad campaign supporting medical malpractice reform

Members of the Care First Kentucky Coalition, including the Kentucky Chamber, have launched an ad campaign to spread public awareness and support for Senate Bill 119, commonsense legislation to protect all Kentucky caregivers from meritless lawsuits.

The focus of the advertisements, which include TV, radio and digital ads running across the Commonwealth, is to encourage the House of Representatives to take up the bill during the 2014 Legislative Session and finally give it a vote. Similar legislation has been proposed in past sessions, and each year the House has failed to act.

“The growing number of meritless lawsuits filed against caregivers increases healthcare costs for all Kentuckians,” said Dave Adkisson, President and CEO of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. “For far too long, personal injury lawyers—many from outside Kentucky—have treated our caregivers like their personal ATM machines. It needs to stop.  That’s why the Kentucky Chamber supports this effort to increase support for Medical Review Panel legislation and help fix our broken medical malpractice liability system.”

Kentucky’s healthcare and business communities are taking a stand to protect all caregivers against aggressive personal injury lawyers and meritless lawsuits that divert precious resources away from patient care and into lawyers’ pockets. The Coalition supports the creation of medical review panels (MRPs) to provide an independent, expert review of proposed claims against health care providers.

This process would not only weed out frivolous claims, but strengthen and expedite legitimate claims, putting squarely putting the focus of healthcare where it belongs, on patients, not lawsuits.

Watch the television ad here:

Listen to the radio ad here:

Advertisements as a part of this ad campaign were paid for by the Kentucky Chamber and the Kentucky Medical Association.

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