New study makes the case for telecomm reform

A recently released study by the Digital Policy Institute at Ball State University, Telecom Regulatory Review: Kentucky 2014 (PDF), makes the case that Kentucky need to reform its outdated telecommunication laws.  The study finds that Kentucky’s economy will greatly benefit from removing barriers that delay capital investment in our telecommunications system. In the report, the authors point to SB 99 and how, through its passage, Kentucky can finally begin modernizing its telecommunications policies to sooner realize the benefits that will strengthen and diversify the state’s economy.

The Kentucky Chamber has long supported telecommunications reform to increase investment in technology that is critical for businesses to thrive in the modern economy. Currently Senate Bill 99 has passed the full Senate and a House committee and is waiting for a vote by the full House. Leave a message for your state representative at 1-800-372-7181 to encourage them to pass SB 99 this session.

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