What can the General Assembly accomplish?

Though it may seem like a rhetorical question to ask “What can the General Assembly accomplish?” in an election year, there is still a significant opportunity for several important measures to pass. That is the Kentucky Chamber’s message to the legislature.  In spite of 2014 being an election year, lawmakers have an opportunity to make the 2014 session of the General Assembly as success. Tuesday, the Chamber’s public affairs team delivered our most recent Legislative Brief: Still time for session to be successful! to all lawmakers. In the brief, we outline specific key pieces of legislation hanging in the balance as the session winds to a close. In addition, we delivered Where We Stand, a comprehensive list of bills for which we have taken a position based on our board-approved legislative agenda.

The Chamber calling on all members to help us urge passage of these critical issues. Citizens can leave a message for their lawmakers quickly and easily by calling 1-800-372-7181 or email their representatives from the Kentucky Chamber’s Public Affairs website.

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